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Solving the Talent Crunch

The HR Daily Advisor recently sat down with Zoe Harte, Senior Vice President of Human Resources & Talent Innovation at Upwork to discuss the current hiring crisis and what can be done about it.


The Future of Workforce Planning

Employee turnover is extremely expensive, costing up to 1.5 to 2 times an employee’s salary, and those numbers are rising. Finding and training a replacement can be an arduous process. In an effort to recruit and retain employees, companies do everything from offer free, chef-cooked lunches to employees to regular retreats in fun locations—particularly in industries where the demand for talent is acute.

Getting the C-Suite’s Attention: 7 Strategies

The first step in becoming a real HR strategist whose work is valued by the C-suite is, of course, to get their attention. Expert Jennifer McClure offers 7 strategies for transforming from HR leader to business leader. McClure, president of Unbridled Talent LLC in West Chester, Ohio, offered her tips at SHRM’s Annual Conference and […]

‘Hey, Boomers, We Want Your Jobs!’ (But Not Your Stress)

The problem is compounded, Harrington says, because although Gen Xers do want to move up to the Boomers’ jobs, they don’t want the stress that goes with the jobs. They also want work/life balance, and that creates a conflict. Harrington, founder and president of Purposeful Hire Inc., offered her tips at BLR’s Strategic HR Summit, […]