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4 Heat Illness Myths to Train Against

The dog days of summer are here, and if any of your employees perform work outdoors, heat can quickly become a safety issue. Your workers may realize they need to protect themselves, but some of what they’ve heard about preventing, identifying, and treating heat illness might be just plain wrong. Bust these myths in your […]

It’s Emergency Planning 101: Get Your Basic Preparedness in Order!

The thought of an emergency occurring in the workplace is not a pleasant one, but it’s a very real possibility. With so many aspects and contingencies to consider, emergency planning can feel overwhelming, and some businesses may fear that their plans might come up short. Here are some tips for being prepared—be sure to train […]

Are Your Workers Trained on this By-the-Numbers Approach to Excavation Safety?

It’s mid-June and construction season is well underway across the USA. That means this is a necessary time for training on excavation and trenching safety. In today’s Advisor, we get valuable training information from BLR® Legal Editor Ana Ellington. All excavations are hazardous because they are inherently unstable. If they are restricted spaces, they present […]

What We Can Learn from Moms about Leadership

Mother’s Day may have come and gone for another year, but there are still things we can learn from dear ol’ Mom! In today’s Advisor, we get 5 leadership lessons from our maternal parent.

Train Young Workers in These Areas

In yesterday’s Advisor, we got expert advice on employers’ responsibilities, including training, to keep young workers safe. Today, we outline in more detail the areas in which young workers need to be trained.