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CDC Training Recommendations Are a Wake-Up Call

Today’s Advisor shares information from a recent report at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that you can use as a benchmark for your own safety training.

Describing laboratory safety training as “inadequate” at the CDC, an advisory committee recently issued a report outlining several training-related recommendations.
Those recommendations serve as a reminder for trainers at other organizations to review their safety programs and ensure that they have a standardized curriculum across their organization and that refresher training is provided as needed.
The advisory committee was formed to review and provide input regarding corrective actions for CDC’s laboratories following safety-related incidents last year.

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It offered these four recommendations specifically related to laboratory safety training:
1. Establish a standardized lab safety training curriculum across the CDC.
2. Establish standardized methods for competency skills mapping and refresher training.
3. Establish a fellowship/internship program to train scientists to serve as laboratory safety professionals who serve as liaisons between the labs and CDC’s Environment, Safety, and Health Compliance Office or other central lab safety entity.
4. Handle responsibilities and facilities for lab safety training in-house.

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How does your organization measure up? Is it time to implement some changes to your safety training program? Even if you don’t have laboratories, you can derive and apply some general safety training principles from these recommendations.

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