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Rethinking Employee Perspectives on Remote Work

One of the silver linings of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the shift to remote work—and companies’ realization that remote work hasn’t caused the sky to fall. Productivity hasn’t plummeted, but many costs associated with maintaining a physical office preference have. Pandemic Presents Opportunity to Experiment Writing for BBC Worklife, Bryan Lufkin notes that companies […]


4 Common, Practical Problems in Employment Manuals

Every HR professional struggles, sweats, and possibly rips their hair out (if they have any) over what to put into an employment manual and how best to minimize litigation for their company in the future. Worrying exclusively about liability rather than practicality, however, can lead to significant concerns. Here some common issues with employment manuals.


Biden Administration Will Bring Big Changes to DOL

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) will see significant changes under the new Biden administration. The nature and degree of the changes, however, will depend heavily on how President Joe Biden fills senior roles not only at the agency but also in the White House’s domestic policy counsel. Nonetheless, many changes will take time because […]


Full-Cycle Recruitment Is the Answer to the War for Talent

Full-cycle recruiting, also known as end-to-end recruiting, is the entire talent acquisition process from start to finish. It begins when the need to fill a new role is identified and ends with onboarding the new employee.


Improving Your Business Writing Skills as an HR Manager

Written communication is essential in all business roles, but they’re particularly important for HR managers. As an HR manager, you often represent your company, and so it is vital that your written communication is up to scratch and ready to wow people both internally and externally.

Kids’ dwindling writing skills are no reason to LOL

by Dan Oswald Is writing becoming a lost art? The adoption of new technology has forever changed how we communicate with one another—and that includes the written word. I’m certain my kids write more with their thumbs, texting incessantly on their phones, than any other way. And I say that even though two of my […]