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Gen Z

What Do Jobseeking Gen Zs Want from an Employer?

Move over, Millennials! There’s a younger generation making its way into the workforce, and before you know it, people will be complaining about all the things Gen Z ruined, taking the heat off of Millennials once and for all.

Modifying the Workplace for Older Employees

As our population demographics change over the years, employers are finding themselves with a workforce that is ever-changing in composition. While those in the Millennial cohort are finding their feet in the workplace and advancing into more senior roles, there are plenty of Generation Xers and Baby Boomers who plan to stay in the workforce […]

Young Workers Are Uncomfortable Navigating the World of Healthcare

Working families and workers under 30 years old are the least comfortable in their personal knowledge and skills when it comes to navigating medical benefits and healthcare systems, according to a new survey. While these workers want more healthcare resources, they aren’t utilizing the tools and programs available to them due to a perceived lack […]

Younger Workers Value Benefits, but Concerned about Flexibility, Affordability

A new survey from Mercer, representing a cross-section of the national workforce, found that most workers are satisfied with their company’s benefits. However, many respondents, especially younger workers, said they are concerned about the affordability and flexibility of these benefits in the future, especially concerning health care and retirement. Only 41% of respondents see health […]