Month: October 2015


When the Stakes Are High, the Whole Team Must Work to Get the Win

It’s the end of October, which means it’s time for the World Series baseball playoffs. Usually at this time of year, I watch with casual interest as the best teams in the game eliminate one another until the World Series champion is crowned. But not this year. This year, my beloved Chicago Cubs were in […]


Stress: If you can’t beat it, maybe you can use it

Stress. Just the word triggers anxiety. Human resources professionals well understand the toll stress can take on workers’ health and productivity, but is there a way to leverage stress so that it does more good than harm? Can a change in a stressed out employee’s mindset turn a worrisome experience into an exercise in personal […]


Last Thoughts on 2015’s Best Software Recruiting Solutions

In Yesterday’s Advisor we discussed G2 Crowd’s algorithm-based “G2 Crowd Grid℠ for Recruiting.” Their software has ranked a number of recruiting software solutions. Today we’ll look at a few final considerations such as costs and ease of use. See yesterday’s Advisor for the metrics, so far, discussed. Final Considerations The metrics, so far, paint an […]


Video: Medical Certification Process for Employee Leave Requests Explained

When an employee requests a leave of absence under the Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the employer must provide a medical certification form to be completed by the employee’s health care provider. In this video, Michael Bansback of LeClairRyan explains your rights and responsibilities as an employer regarding the medical certification process. Barnsback presented […]


Recruiting Software Solutions: the Best of 2015

Recently “G2 Crowd Grid℠ for Recruiting” was released using G2 Crowd’s proprietary algorithm. This algorithm supposedly creates an unbiased list of the best software recruiting solutions available in 2015. Let’s explore what G2 found. Untouched by Human Hands Part of what makes the results of G2’s analysis interesting involves the way the analysis was conducted. […]


Retirement Plan Fees: Take a Closer Look at the Data

The retirement plan you sponsor comes along with some serious responsibilities. Among those is the duty to understand and evaluate fees paid on behalf of the plan. You may use benchmarking data to determine whether those fees are reasonable.