Final Considerations: The Best Recruiting Software Solutions 2015

Yesterday’s Advisor explored “G2 Crowd Grid℠ for Recruiting,” an unbiased look at 2015’s best recruiting software solutions. Today’s Advisor will look into a few final factors, such as ease of use and, of course, price.

Final Considerations

The metrics discussed so far (see yesterday’s Advisor) paint an incomplete picture. Sure, we know which service received an overall high score, as well as which services did well based on the features they offered. But ease of use plays a huge role when it comes to using any software, and recruiting software solutions are no exception.


Ease of Use

LinkedIn Talent










Clearly iCIMS is the easiest service to use based on data G2 has found. LinkedIn and UltiPro have about the same number, with Jobvite and SilkRoad coming in last of the overall top five.

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One last thing to consider is price. Every service customizes its price based on factors like how many users there will be, whether the purchaser uses other services offered by the same company, and if there are any discounts or special deals available. As a result, it’s difficult to give a direct rundown of how much each of these services costs, but G2 was able to provide a general statement concerning price for each service.

LinkedIn Talent

G2 states, “Most of the users’ criticism of LinkedIn centered on its high price. Free accounts could be restrictive, users said, while more versatile accounts could come with a very high initial cost.” Customers also felt that LinkedIn was a more advanced tool, requiring a higher level of skill to operate, according to G2.


G2 says of UltiPro that while reviewers “cited it as one of the more intuitive systems to learn for new users,” it could be “expensive to customize the product to fit individual business needs.” UltiPro seems like it’s fairly easy to use, especially for newcomers, but may be expensive.


“Most users were highly satisfied with their iCIMS experience, and recommended the product as a great value with excellent customer support,” according to G2. This fits well with how iCIMS was rated overall. Tied for second of the top five, feature by feature outperforming every other service, and scoring the highest ease-of-use score—it’s difficult to understand why G2 rated them as tied for second, instead of first. iCIMS seems to have ease of use, detailed capability, and a lot of bang for your buck.


Price doesn’t seem to have been a problem, according to G2. It states that “overall they found the product intuitive and easy to pick up, even for hiring managers with no previous ATS experience,” but “it can be buggy and frequently freezes.”


Similar to Jobvite, few customers complained about the price of SilkRoad. Many “praised SilkRoad for its strong and dedicated customer support team,” but that “reporting could be difficult” and “there is still more to be done to make the analytics a highly effective tool.”

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, every company needs to weight each solution to its particular needs. That being said, following are four strategies concerning these five products based on the metrics and features discussed in this article.

  • For a small company with less to spend and fewer needs, Jobvite and SilkRoad appear to offer affordable, easy-to-use software that might require a little more effort or patience than more expensive options.
  • For a medium-sized company with a tight budget that needs an affordable but easy-to-use solution with lots of features, iCIMS is a logical consideration.
  • For a fast-growing company that has a little extra to spend, needs lots of features, but doesn’t necessarily have the experience needed to operate a complex tool like LinkedIn, UltiPro seems like a good fit.
  • Finally, for larger companies with experienced recruiters who need lots of features and have a good-sized budget, LinkedIn may be the best choice.

Should you make a decision based on G2 data and conclusions? We don’t recommend it. But it’s one analysis of data to look at, and it may point out some areas to evaluate in more depth before making an important decision.

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