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Strange but True Hiring Trends

What could be so strange about hiring trends you ask?  A new survey, released by SmartRecruiters, offers some insight into the do’s and don’ts of hiring and recruiting. And while these results aren’t reinventing the recruiting wheel, they will make you think twice about your next interview.


Groups Planning May 1 General Strike: Are You Prepared?

Aiming to build on recent “day without” protests, some labor unions and other organizations around the United States have begun formally announcing their plans for a coordinated “general strike” on May 1 and have threatened to boycott any businesses that stand in their way.


How to Update Aging Salary Data for Your Organization’s Jobs

If you work in HR then you’re always busy and, as a result, your job grade data might be a smidge past its shelf life. It’s not that you don’t want up-to-the-minute salary range data but there’s almost always something else more pressing that needs your attention so it’s really easy to tell yourself—if it […]