The Positives of Job Descriptions … And How to Get Them Without the Work (Part 2 of 2)

Done right, a solid job descriptions program can bring your company structure and efficiency. Here’s how to get the benefits, while avoiding most of the costs.

A recent Advisor article stated the views of an author who believes that job descriptions should be eliminated in preference to having a program that’s poorly done. A haphazardly-built program confuses the organization, stifles creativity and responsibility, and can even result in a lawsuit, the author says.

Today, let’s give equal time to the positives of job descriptions, as outlined in BLR’s well-regarded Job Descriptions Encyclopedia, used by thousands of employers to build a proper program.

–First, job descriptions are the blueprint of your organization, telling each employee what, where, when, and why to do his or her task, and how that task fits into the bigger picture.

–Second, they clearly tell each employee what is expected, in terms of time spent, output, or other measures. In fact, when you do a performance appraisal, what you’re really doing is reflecting how well the employee carried out the job description.

–Third, well-written descriptions outline the relationships between departments and work groups. Without this clear definition of boundaries, there are likely to be “border disputes” over whose responsibility a particular task was, with either wasteful redundancy or tasks “falling through the cracks.”

–Fourth, job descriptions are key tools in hiring. They let candidates know exactly what the job will entail and provide a basis for deciding whether it fits the individual’s skills, experience, and job preferences. If your recruitment ad isn’t a marketing version of the job description, you’re probably doing both candidate and organization a disservice.

And finally, your job descriptions help carry out the intent of laws such as Title VII, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Occupational Safety and Health Act, and other federal and state statutes. To comply with these requirements, descriptions must separate essential from collateral functions, meet wage and hour and safety standards, and never contain illegal discriminatory language.

With all these positives, it’s fair to ask why poorly written programs exist or, in some cases, no formal job description program at all.

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The answer is usually time and money. Creating such programs can be a strain on resources, as descriptions are researched, drafted, approved by several layers of management, and even reviewed by company counsel. But HR publishers have come up with an answer to this dilemma … prewritten job description programs, in which all this work is done for you, in advance.

A Job Descriptions Program That Does It All

The BLR Job Descriptions Encyclopedia, our entry in the category, has over 500 already written and legally reviewed descriptions of the most commonly found jobs at all levels of business from administrative clerk to company president. Each carries a suggested salary grade and meets ADA standards.

The descriptions are easily accessed by business category, and they graphically mirror the most commonly used format. You can see a sample description, as well as all the categories covered, by clicking the links below.

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The program also includes a complete tutorial on setting up a job description programand, in total, is a business bargain. The cost averages to less than $1.67 per description.

What’s more, to keep up with the ever changing job market, you receive quarterly updates at no added cost.

This is a program that has been continuously refined for some 2 decades and used by thousands of employers. Many HR professionals consider it a business classic and maintain a permanent place for it on their shelves.

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