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Just How Much Should HR Professionals Be Paid?

HR salaries are rising, but how much does that mean in dollar terms at companies like yours in your area? Here’s a program to find out.

Yesterday’s Advisor reported that HR salaries have risen sharply in recent years for those who have the skill sets companies are now looking for. Those skills go beyond the world of traditional “transactional HR” –a world of routine hiring, payroll and benefits administration, and recordkeeping– and take a professional into the more strategic realms of corporate financial and operational planning years into the future. For those with such skills, annual increases range as high as 22 percent, according to Catherine Hartmann of the Mercer HR consulting organization.

The element we didn’t report on in that story is just how much that equaled in dollars. What amount, in other words, you could expect to get if you made that strategic leap.

Like Politics, All Compensation Is Local

The reason that couldn’t be reported in general terms is that it varies greatly from place to place. If you joined company senior management in Manhattan, Kansas, for example, you likely wouldn’t get nearly as much as if your location was on Manhattan Island in New York. Living costs enter into it. The existence of competition (or lack of it) in your state or area comes into it. Like politics, all compensation is local.

There is, however, a means of finding out what virtually any job in HR, or almost every other usually found job, is paying in your area. It’s BLR’s program Employee Compensation in [Your State], published in 43 different state editions. Companies have relied on it for years to know what to pay their workers, without overpaying them.

Find out what Employee Compensation in [Your State] says HR –or any other job– should be paid in your area. Examine your state’s edition at no cost or risk. Click for details..

Here’s what each of those editions includes:

–Recommended Rate Ranges for Hundreds of Jobs, Localized for Your State and Region. Based on annual surveys conducted by BLR and official data, the Employee Compensation program provides minimum, midpoint, and maximum for both exempt and nonexempt positions. These rates are local for your state, region, and even city.

–A to Z State and Federal Law Comparisons. Comp and benefits are regulated by a tangle of laws. Employee Compensation offers an alphabetically arranged set of analyses on how these laws apply to common topics. Look up “ERISA” or “overtime pay” or “workers’ compensation” and you instantly have a plain-English explanation of how the controlling laws apply to you.

–A Full Job Descriptions ProgramEmployee Compensation offers a complete tutorial for setting up a job descriptions program. Many ADA-compliant sample descriptions are provided, ready to copy and use.

–Updating at No Extra Cost. The program price includes 6 updates a year (which others charge extra for), plus annual survey reports of exempt and nonexempt compensation and benefits, and a monthly newsletter.

Click the links below and you can see samples of the program and newsletter, as well as a full table of contents of what’s included.

The program is priced affordably for small companies as well as large, at the equivalent of about $1.50 a working day. That’s coffee money (and not the fashion café kind) for just about every form of information most managers need to run a competitive and efficient program.

We’ve talked the marketing types here into letting Daily Advisor subscribers check out the entire program in their own offices for up to 30 days, with no need to buy. (We even pay return postage if you don’t keep it.)

Just click the link below, and we’ll be happy to set things up.

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How much do you need to pay to hire and keep the best in your area, without overpaying? The answer is likely in BLR’s Employee Compensation in [Your State] program. It’s published in 43 separate state editions, and 6 updates a year are included. Try it at no cost. Read more.