Are You Attractive to Potential Employees?

It is quite simple. In order to attract the best employees, you must look as if you are the best company to work for. Appearance is everything. A very basic first step in managing your image is to review how you present your company, says Jasmine Rojas, BLR® legal editor.


For instance, while you may be the greatest employer, if you do not have a company website, chances are that you will appear “antiquated” and some candidates may not consider you as their top choice.  Therefore, the following are areas that you may want to explore in preparation for recruiting candidates.

General Company Website

  • Is it modern and up to date?
  • Does it make the company attractive?
  • Does it appear that the company is at the cutting edge of its industry?
  • Do you post company news and employee activities?
  • Would a candidate say, “That looks like an awesome place to work”?

Recruiting Website

  • Does it give an attractive picture of what it is like to work at your company?
  • Do you offer video tours or employee testimonials?
  • Is it easy to navigate the site?
  • Is it easy to search job openings and apply for a position?  Do you allow employees to apply without having to establish a profile?
  • Do you invite employees to leave their résumés, even if there are no positions available?

In addition to the above, in this high-tech era, your company wants to establish a meaningful company presence within your relevant networks.  To that end, online social networking sites are rapidly becoming a valuable resource for employers.  The following are the most common platforms for establishing a presence:

  • LinkedIn®
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

A company should highlight the organization’s strengths in the job advertisement.  Let the candidate know what makes you special.  Sometimes knowledge of an organization’s mission is sufficient to convince an employee that it is a right fit for him or her.
Another technique is to present the job opportunity as a challenge.  You want experienced, talented people for your job openings.  Use descriptive and active terminology.  Challenging prospective employees in the job posting appeals to the type of candidates you want and gets you the desired result.

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Use an Online Recruiting App

Most candidates today prefer to apply for jobs online as it is free, easy, faster, paperless, and direct.  In fact, once a candidate is set up, he or she can even instantly apply through some of the available sites with his or her smartphone. If you are unfamiliar with how to use these methods, it is well worth the investment to hire a professional for a brief session.

However and wherever you recruit, the basic resource is the job description. Use an outdated one (or try to get along without one) and all your efforts will be for naught. You’ll do a great hiring job, but you’ll be hiring the wrong person. The result? Low productivity, low morale, and lawsuits.

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