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Their Résumés May Be Thin, but These Applicants Are Heavyweights

These applicants may have some gaps in their résumés, but their skill sets, interpersonal and management skills, versatility, and ability to multitask are awesome. Who could they be?

Moms, of course! Recently on the Working Mother magazine workplace blog, writer, marketing VP, and mom Kristi Grigsby outlined the skills that mothers possess that should impress any employer. She says while mothers contemplating a return to the workforce may underestimate how their home-based experience would translate to employers, the reality is they have some major skills that employers want because a mom:

Thinks differently. Moms see the big picture—mainly how everything affects—or might affect—her children, says Grigsby. This ability to foresee every possible implication to a situation is perfectly translatable to the business world.

Has strong instincts. “A primal-like instinct was born inside of her when she became a mother—not only for protection but also for connection,” writes Grigsby. “Her innate ability to listen and read nonverbal cues can make all the difference in winning over both her colleagues and your business prospects.”

Is resourceful.  Mothers can turn nothing into something, says Grigsby, and they never give up on anything easily, so no obstacle could block a project’s completion on time.

Is a “master multitasker.” Grigsby says “a stressful day at the office is a breeze compared to the whirlwind of motherhood.” Mothers can coordinate a multitude of tasks at once and at unconventional hours while staying calm, she adds. What could be more valuable to an employer?

Is dependable. If employers define “dependability” as being at one’s desk from 9 to 5, says Grigsby, they will be awed by how a mom can be diverted from a task for an hour or 2, yet still finish it on time—and beyond expectations.

So, says Grigsby, if an employer does come across an applicant as just described, it should not hesitate to hire her. Even with time off for school or doctor visits, the hire will “return exponential value to your company.”

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  1. All applicants who are coming off of significant gaps in employment–moms or not–should think hard about the skills they developed or demonstrated during their time off and be able to explain how they translate to the workplace.

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