Dashboard Templates for Talent Management

In yesterday’s Advisor, Jayson Saba offered tips for dashboards and scorecards for HR, including the first of his recommended templates. Today, we present the rest of the templates.

Saba, vice president of Market Strategy, Ceridian HCM, delivered his suggestions at the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) Talent Management Conference, held recently in San Diego.

[Go here for template #1.]

2. Talent Development

3. Performance Management Objectives

4. Culture Objectives

5. HR Service Delivery

Saba’s Takeaways

  • Be sure that there is a single source of TRUTH.
  • Start small and drill down later.
  • Even if we don’t have the numbers, we can leave blanks at first.
  • Work with business leadership; the higher the better.
  • It doesn’t matter how/what we measure as long as:
    • The operational leaders of the business have bought into it, and
    • We measure it consistently.
  • Measure your data monthly, and report quarterly.
  • Tie your reporting to a business metric (e.g., revenue per employee).

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