Survey Shows ‘Distributed Work’ Settings on the Increase

A new research report explores how the workplace has evolved over the last 5 years and how organizations are using new workplace strategies, such as “distributed work,” to improve the productivity and success of workers.

“Distributed work is an all-inclusive phrase for work that takes place across different teams and locations within an organization,” explains Isilay Civan, a research and strategic innovation specialist with the HOK consulting group, in a press release. A distributed work setting also allows employees to access company resources and technology from various locations.

Beatriz Arantes, environmental psychologist with Steelcase Workspace Futures, told BLR® that given the high cognitive load that workers bear, they need employers to provide a diversity of work settings to choose from based on what they have to do. “When employees have choices, they have a sense of control that helps them feel more empowered and less stressed.” Distributed work settings may be a means to providing these choices.

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