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Top Jobs with High Growth Potential and Flexibility

To help guide job seekers interested in learning which careers will offer the most potential in 2016, FlexJobs has announced the top flexible jobs with high growth potential for the coming year and beyond. Based on projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the jobs listed below are highly rated in terms of job openings, their current and expected median annual salaries, growth potential, and flexible work options.

Millions of people are interested in flexible work, such as Millennials, working parents, retirees, military spouses, people with health concerns, folks who live in areas with depressed or limited local economies, etc. A “flexible job” is defined as a job that has at least one flexible work option such as telecommuting arrangements, flexible or part-time schedules, or a freelance contract. Work/life balance, family, time saving, and commute stress are the top reasons people seek flexible jobs.

Here are the high growth potential, flexible jobs for 2016.

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