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New Teambuilding Program Helps Coworkers ‘Bond’

Teambuilding exercises, if done right, can help bring your employees closer together; creating a more unified front! And for all you James Bond fans, a new program has caught the attention of Fortune 500 companies with its unique approach. The program helps companies train and motivate their employees through a series of Secret Agent spy games. It starts by kidnapping your company’s boss!

According to the website,, the teambuilding exercise starts when a “mysterious package arrives, marked TOP SECRET. The contents reveal that a ‘situation’ has occurred, and a high stakes mission is being convened to address it.” The action-packed game of espionage “blends seamlessly into an urban setting with the use of professional actors.”

The website goes on to explain that the “SpyGame will test—and build—participants’ skills at strategizing, communicating, and thinking on their feet, as they race against the clock to rescue a hostage [your company’s boss], root out a mole, and take down a notorious crime syndicate.”

“This is not your archaic amateur scavenger hunt,” Chad Michael, creator of AdVenture Games, Inc., said in a press release.  “The current generation needs to be challenged and fully engaged in order to teach basic principles of problem-solving and team work.”

“Our mission at Adventure Games Team Building is to change how people work together, not only in business environments, but also we equip them with tools that will help them throughout their personal lives,” Michael said. The games are so popular that companies like Google and Apple® have participated. One Google employee was quoted, in the release, as saying, “It was one of the most exciting and cryptic team building events we’ve ever had.”

So if you’re looking for a way to engage the tech-savvy Millennial generation, this may be right up your alley. However, you may want to consult with the boss first to make sure it’s OK that they get kidnapped!

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