Strategic HR

Transformation in the Very Nature of Employment

By Bruce Tulgan, founder and CEO of RainmakerThinking

The worldwide business environment has become one of fierce competition, high risk, erratic markets, constrained resources, and unpredictable resource needs. Organizations and individuals are forced to adjust to the new normal of constant change and uncertainty.

Employers of all shapes and sizes are constantly trying to become leaner, more flexible, and high performing. Downsizing, restructuring, and reengineering are now accepted as constants of the workplace—taken for granted now as “continuous improvement.”

As a result, the number of traditional “employees” is diminishing as a percentage of the overall workforce, while the percentage of “contingent workers” is increasing. This has meant a fundamental change in employment practices, away from long-term stable employment relationships and toward a more efficient supply-chain management approach—known as human capital management.

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