Predicting the Future of Recruiting Technology

Yesterday we looked at a recent session on the future of recruiting technology at the 19th Annual HR Technology Conference and Exposition at the McCormick Place Conference Center in Chicago. Today we’ll look at what the session leader, Elaine Orler, CEO & cofounder of Talent Function, has to say about the future of recruiting technology.

Welcome to the World of Tomorrow

One of the best ways to understand how to address your recruiting problems involves looking forward to where the world of recruiting is heading. Orler has been forecasting the future of recruiting for the past 14 years, and she has a pretty good track record. There are three things she says will be huge starting with 2017.

Market Consolidation

With so many solutions that have so many features, it’s important that they evolve to work together for the user rather than just try to solve every little thing. Orler says, “It’s with a big sigh of ‘Finally!’ that I can say we are seeing more of a convergence of solutions—they are finally being integrated better.”

Recruiting Delivery Reinvention

The subfields of recruiting are beginning to be better defined and will continue to be. As these subfields are better defined, it will be easier to match solutions to individual recruiting needs. Orler says, “We are finally able to begin to define recruiters. The term recruiting is what we do, but our titles and how we do our job includes what we are responsible for.”

Talent Intelligence and Decision Support

As we mentioned above, the candidate experience has become critical to successful recruiting. The solution going forward, according to Orler, involves systems that help you stay connected from the moment a candidate applies until well after someone is hired. This includes things like reminders about who applied to a similar job a while back, or whether silver medalist candidates have been updating their profiles and actively looking for work.

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