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In A World of Competition, A Little Collaboration Goes a Long Way

Whether the topic is recruiting, human resources, or leadership, the businesses that lead in these fields are in constant competition. They might compete to get more business, to get the best hires, or to have the best brand. The powerful market force of competition, however, has a twin force: collaboration.


For example, take a look at our article on shared talent pools. There we discuss how many competitors could benefit from the sharing of their talent pools, as it brings a broader group for both to draw from.

Another example involves events like our own Advanced Employment Issues Symposium (AEIS), where HR experts share their knowledge with one another to improve the capabilities of other HR experts.

Finally, leaders stand to learn as much as those HR professionals who attend events like AEIS. Specifically, HR leaders with over 1,000 employees stand to benefit greatly from our recently created event: HR Leadership Exchange.

Former attendees had these things to say about the exchange:

  • “Absolutely a brilliant event that is unlike any other. Exceptional introductions and dialogue that has been thought provoking. This is a must-attend event for me.”
  • “Really enjoyed the event. It was well organized and gave ample opportunity to network, learn, and share new ideas. Looking forward to the next event.”
  • “I consider myself a more equipped senior leader as a result of my time at the Exchange.”

We were excited to host these leaders and stimulate a dialogue between them. We are holding another event this year, and invite anyone who an HR leader (and has at least 1,000 employees) to register for the event.

The 2017 THRIVE HR Leadership Exchange is free to attend for those that qualify. It takes place at the beautiful Omni Tucson National Resort in Tucson, AZ on September 25-27, 2017.

Like these examples of collaboration above, the purpose of this event is to bring HR leaders together so they can discuss their successes and their failures, and bring that information home with them to improve their organizations.

Please consider requesting to attend.

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