Mobile Recruiting Tips You Should Implement Today

The adoption of mobile technology has reshuffled the deck in talent acquisition and has permanently shifted how employers and jobseekers interact. Tablets and smartphones are quickly becoming the preferred tools to research companies and apply for positions, and the days of printed résumés and cover letters are now becoming a thing of the past.

In fact, a study by Aberdeen Group found that 70% of respondents had already used a mobile device to search for jobs, and 51% had already applied for jobs using a mobile device. Due to these trends, businesses must have mobile recruiting strategies in place if they wish to attract the best talent and remain competitive in their industry.

Provide a Uniform Experience

Ensuring your organization’s corporate and career websites are optimized for mobile use is one of the most important mobile recruiting strategies to employ to help promote a positive employment brand, drive webpage traffic, and boost application rates. According to research from Glassdoor, one in four candidates would skip applying for a job if a company’s career site is not mobile-optimized, so be sure to provide a consistent viewing experience for tablet and smartphone users. Once mobile jobseekers decide to apply for a position, offer a simplified application process by permitting them to directly apply with their social media profiles, and be sure to limit excessive screening questions to reduce candidate drop-off. An additional tip is to also allow résumé uploads directly from cloud-based services, such as Google Drive or Dropbox to provide a positive application experience.

Give Your Recruiters an Edge

While attending career fairs and community events, recruiters can use mobile kiosks to easily connect with jobseekers and passive candidates using a tablet and QR codes to develop talent pools and quickly find best-fit talent. Aside from eliminating the burdensome stacks of paper résumés to bring back to the office and tedious manual data entry, incorporating this strategy will also improve your employment brand by using cutting-edge technologies. To add a more personal touch in this area and stand out from your competition, be sure to also build career portal websites specific to each event or university, as these small details will go a long way in attracting top talent.

Conduct Interviews from Anywhere

With video technologies such as Skype and FaceTime now commonplace in our daily lives, savvy businesses must incorporate mobile video interviewing capabilities into their recruitment strategy to improve their employment brand and boost the candidate experience. Enabling the ability to conduct live one-on-one interviews from virtually anywhere, mobile video interviewing provides jobseekers and employers with maximum flexibility to help expedite the hiring process and reduce costs. Once an applicant is selected, a video interview could potentially happen the same day, regardless of where the business or candidate is located. Furthermore, since iCIMS found that nearly 62% of candidates believe video technology will give them a competitive edge, anything businesses can do to provide a positive candidate experience will work in their favor.
In Wednesday’s Advisor, we’ll look at the candidate review process and mobile recruiting.

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