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Here Is Why Your ERP and HCM Alone Won't Cut It for Recruitment

Recruiting is dynamic and complex. It is simply too important to get wrong, because when your recruiting fails and your business is understaffed or not staffed with the right people, operations and results suffer.

Making the Most of Mobile Recruiting

In a recent article, we heard from Glen Braunsdorf of iCIMS on some tips for making use of mobile recruiting. Today we’ll hear more on that topic, including how mobile recruiting can enhance your candidate review process.

Mobile Recruiting Tips You Should Implement Today

The adoption of mobile technology has reshuffled the deck in talent acquisition and has permanently shifted how employers and jobseekers interact. Tablets and smartphones are quickly becoming the preferred tools to research companies and apply for positions, and the days of printed résumés and cover letters are now becoming a thing of the past.

Important Information for Recruiters and the Class of 2017

A new report by iCIMS has the rundown on what recruiters need to know about the most recent generation to enter the workforce: the so-called Generation Z. More specifically, about the class of 2017.