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SHRM ’18 Presenter Offers 5 Tips to Prepare for the ‘Future of Work’

In a packed session (16,000 attendees) at SHRM’s Annual Conference and Exposition, Board Chair Coretha Rushing outlined the five areas with which HR managers must cope to be ready for the workplace of 2022. An important read for every HR pro, hiring manager, and recruiter.


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  1. Deal with Tougher People Issues. What with #MeToo and all the other issues facing employers today, HR has to get better at dealing with tough challenges. Rushing’s advice: Pause, breathe, reflect; you can’t deal with these issues instantly.
  2. Build Trust in HR. “I went to HR; nothing happened.” What happens, next? Rushing asks—they go to the New York Times. If there’s no trust in HR, we’ll be bypassed.
  3. Engage in Bigger Thinking. We’re thinking too small, Rushing believes. We need to act with “bold purpose” to achieve “monumental impact.”
  4. Be Human. Talent today comes in diverse and nontraditional packages. We have to be “real, genuine, and authentic” in our communications and actions, Rushing says.
  5. Make Room for Ourselves. Finally, and very important, Rushing says, we need to look after ourselves. The world of work is changing, with globalizations, disruption by technology, and a host of other challenges. Further, no one knows what the workplace will look like in 2022—we have to be alert and nimble.

The SHRM Annual Conference and Expo was held on June 17—20 in Chicago, Illinois.

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