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Who Benefits the Most from Data Analytics Training?

Did you know that data are now the most valuable resources in the entire world, even outpacing oil? And the most competitive and successful organizations have already identified this and are acquiring the right technologies and are training their employees in data analytics.  


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As you begin developing and implementing your data analytics training, however, you should keep in mind who will benefit the most from it.

Human Resources (HR) and Learning and Development (L&D) Professionals

First and foremost, your HR staff and L&D staff will need to be able to gather and analyze data about your employees and what their skills and expertise are, as well as what their job performance looks like.
This will help HR and L&D teams develop and implement data analytics training programs for the appropriate staff, as needed per department and per organizational objectives. And it will help them determine who will benefit the most from this data analytics training for your individual organization while filling sincere gaps in talent across your organization. 

Operations Managers

Managers overseeing operations should learn how to analyze data regarding their efficiencies (or lack thereof) in order fulfillment, order assemblies, shipping, returns, etc. When they consistently look at their organization’s operational data, they’ll know where they need to improve operational procedures and how. They’ll be able to improve rates of productivity while simultaneously cutting costs.

Sales and Marketing Managers

When sales and marketing managers learn how to analyze data, they’ll know exactly when, where, and how to reach their customers, as well as what offers their customers gravitate toward the most. They’ll be able to better understand the language of their customers to make offerings more relevant and enticing to them. And they’ll be able to create highly targeted offerings and develop better marketing channels and customer funnels while closing more sales and earning more business.

IT and Web Development Teams

Web development teams can use data analytics to understand where things should go on a webpage or inside an app, what color everything should be on a webpage, etc. And IT teams can use data analytics for a variety of things, including user enablement, mobile security, network security, etc.

Customer Service Teams

Customer service teams can use data analytics to better understand common customer complaints and how they can prevent them from occurring. They can gather and analyze data to develop better frequently asked questions (FAQs) pages and tutorials that will be helpful for customers. And they can use data analytics to circumvent and rectify common issues with customer billing, order fulfilment and shipping, etc.
Ultimately, everyone across your organization can benefit from data analytics training, especially in today’s data-driven world. But if you’re just beginning to develop your data analytics training, start with the groups listed above first.

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