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4 Tech-Related Skills Every Employee Must Have

While every single one of your employees doesn’t necessarily need to know how to code software and websites just yet, there are four tech-related skills that all your employees should have by now.


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Your employees should know how to do the following:

1. View, Update, and Save Documents in the Cloud

Most office-related jobs require employees to view, update, and save documents in shared platforms and folders that are saved in the cloud. In fact, according to information passed in a Forbes® article, 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020. And all other businesses will follow suit after that, especially with all the free options that are available nowadays, such as Google Drive.
Regardless of what type of cloud-based platform you use to organize and store your organization’s documents and files, your employees should easily be able to update, upload, share, and access the documents they need in their everyday work environments.
They should also know the basics behind different files types (i.e., doc, docx, ppt, mp4, pdf, csv, xlsx, etc.) and what they’re used for and how much space they take up in your cloud drive if you have a limited amount of storage space.

2. Use Basic Keyboard Shortcuts

For efficiency reasons, employees should also know basic keyboard shortcuts such as “ctrl + c” to copy highlighted text, “ctrl + v” to past copied text, and “ctrl + z” for undoing an action. Check out 60 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Office Workers published by Life Hacker for more shortcuts, which includes shortcuts for Windows and Mac computers.

3. Back Up Data

All employees should know where they should back up their data and how to do it for your organization. Whether they store their information and data on jump drives (which is usually not recommended) or store it in cloud-systems that your organization relies on, make sure they know what to do and where to find this information.
And whenever possible, install systems and programs that automatically back up data for your employees too, so they don’t have to worry about it as frequently. Otherwise, your company risks losing a lot of work and important information if a server or system crashes or if it encounters a security breach of some sort.

4. Access Office Networks and Platforms from Anywhere

Employees should know how to log into your organization’s networks securely, from any device that’s authorized for them to use to access it. They should never try to access your organization’s platforms and systems from an unauthorized or unsecure network because this can put your company at risk for being hacked or compromised.
Additionally, employees should know how to securely access your organization’s e-mailing platforms, learning platforms, and human resources platforms, etc., from remote locations or even from different locations inside your office building if necessary.
If you want your employees to be successful and efficient at work, make sure they have the basic tech-related skills outlined above.

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