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Mobile Learning Trends for 2019

Mobile learning will be a $70 billion industry by 2019. And by now, you’ve probably heard all the excitement surrounding mobile learning in the workplace and why it’s so important to remaining competitive in any industry.


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Essentially, it’s no longer a question of whether you should or shouldn’t implement mobile learning inside your workplace, but how you plan to do so, what technology you decide to use, and what trends you choose to follow.
Here’s a short list of the major mobile learning trends you’ll want to know about for 2019.

Mobile-First Design

Because nearly 80% of people own and regularly use a smartphone, and a majority of organizations are beginning to implement or already have implemented a BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) policy, courses and learning content that are designed for mobile devices can’t be an afterthought but must come first.
So, all your courses and learning content should be designed with the assumption that they will be accessed and consumed primarily on mobile devices and not on desktop or larger computer devices.

App-Based Learning

If you haven’t designed or implemented a learning app for your learners to use, or don’t currently have a learning management system that is easily accessible via a mobile app, you’ll want to focus on this trend in 2019.
Mobile-first learning will most likely occur via mobile apps moving forward, not through mobile Internet browsers. And 33% more companies are already using software applications for learning than they did in 2016, according to information compiled by Origin Learning.
Mobile apps will also be critical to distributing more personalized and bite-sized or shorter bursts of learning content, which is what makes mobile learning so effective and efficient.

Video-Based Learning

Most content shared and consumed on the Web will be video-based content in 2019. You probably already know why your training materials should include video content right now. But moving into 2019, your learning content will need to be based primarily on videos by either showcasing a series of videos, using storytelling in videos, or increasing engagement in videos.
Read Embracing Video-Based Learning Content in the Workplace for more details.

Monetized Learning Content

By now, you may have heard of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Well, this trend is also moving into the L&D and HR space, to further incentivize employee performance … but, perhaps not in the way you would expect it to incentivize it and influence it.
Read How Blockchain Is Impacting L&D Professionals for information about this trend.
If you keep the above trends in mind, you will be better prepared to implement more personalized, informal, engaging, and enhanced mobile learning experiences in 2019 and to and outpace your competition.

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