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4 Steps in Handling the Hiring of Boomerang Employees

In two previous posts, we talked about the pros and cons of hiring boomerang employees, or those who leave an organization and later return.


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Although a majority of managers say they are open to hiring boomerang employees and there are several benefits of rehiring them, there are also some downsides, including negative relationships with other employees. But here are some best practices for bringing back a former employee in case you are considering doing so.

Talk to the Employee and His or Her Former Employer

Even though this employee is familiar, things may have changed, so try and have a conversation with the employee and his or her former employer to see where he or she is career-wise and why he or she is looking to return.

Conduct the Formal Interview and Onboarding

Just because an employee previously worked at your company doesn’t mean he or she should get to bypass the standard onboarding process. Having the individual go through the formal interview and onboarding process is a good way to reinforce company values and expectations and brings him or her up to speed on current challenges, opportunities, and goals.

Potential Training

Determine whether training is necessary to bridge the gap between where the company and the employee were when he or she left and where the company and the employee are now.

Inform Current Workers about the Employee’s Return

Don’t surprise your other employees with a former colleague’s return; let them know in advance about this change. One expert says, “Make sure to listen to what they have to say and be prepared to explain how this rehiring of an employee is a positive move for the company, not a detrimental one.”
Boomerang employees can hit the ground running because they know the business and its culture, but they may have unresolved baggage and can damage the organization’s morale. Therefore, when hiring a former employee, keep these best practices in mind.

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