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How to Upskill Your Employees Right Now

Upskilling your employees now is imperative if you want your organization to remain competitive and successful, so here are a few things you can do to start this process.skill

Partner with Third Parties

Partner with higher education institutions and colleges or technology entities to generate learning content or certificate programs that are ideal for your employee learners and the new skills they need to acquire, as well as to develop and distribute learning content as you upskill your employees.
For more details, read “When to Partner with a Third Party for Training Programs and “How to Partner with a Third Party for Training Programs.”

Curate Your Learning Content

If you don’t have the resources to develop the learning content your learners need to access as they’re upskilled, consider curating content from reputable outside sources and entities, which will be quicker and more efficient.
For more insight, read “How to Optimize Your LMS for Content Curation and “Best Practices for Curating Content for Your LMS.”

Invest in Mobile Learning

The mobile learning industry is exploding because it’s quickly becoming a crucial part of upskilling and training employees across industries and business sectors. Most employees already have mobile devices and prefer mobile learning because it’s easier to access and engage with on the go, so use it to upskill your employees, as it’s easy to access, set up, and manage.
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Offer Mentoring Opportunities

Mentoring programs offer a great way to upskill employees on a continual basis and are great additions to any organization’s succession plan. Plus, they lead to higher employee retention rates and workplace happiness, generating real results for the business.
For more details, read “4 Mentorship Program Ideas for the New Year and “The Importance of Having Master and Advocate Mentors.”

Host Lunch-and-Learn Meetings

Most employees are so busy during the workday that they can’t participate in most training programs. However, if they have learning and development (L&D) opportunities during their lunch hour, they may be more inclined to engage in those initiatives. In this way, hosting optional meetings during lunch hours that employees can attend to learn new skills and acquire more information about your training initiatives may be a good idea.

Develop Employee Career Maps

Strategic and well-thought-out career maps can ensure employees continue to participate in your L&D and training initiatives while remaining consistently upskilled. So, if you’re serious about upskilling your employees, develop career maps for each of them.

Outsource Help

You might want or need to outsource help when determining how to upskill your employees so you know where to start. You also may need to rely on a consultant or third-party entity, as mentioned above.
For more insight, read “When L&D Professionals Should Outsource Help.”  
If you want to start upskilling your employees right now, start doing one or more of the things mentioned above.

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