New Technology Promises to Boost L&D Efforts

Technology just seems to make so many things better and more efficient, doesn’t it? That’s especially true in the workplace. Think about how much more time would be spent in your day-to-day work life if you lived even 50 years ago, with no Internet, no word processors, no e-mail, and not even a fax machine.


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Training Benefits from Technology

Workplace training has similarly benefited from advances in technology. Virtual and augmented reality instantly come to mind. In an article for The Startup, Peter Schroeder predicts the future of training will be even brighter than ever. Schroeder’s reporting is based on Training Magazine’s “2016 Training Industry Report.”
Advances in learning management systems (LMS) seem like particularly promising developments. “Cloud-based LMS with built-in authoring tools make developing training programs budget-friendly and effective,” Schroeder writes. “L&D departments can easily upload existing content and deliver it across a range of devices and platforms, enabling access without the need for costly training seminars. This also lets L&D departments offer ‘just-in-time’ content to keep learners up to date.”

Learning About Learning

Improved content delivery is a key efficiency improvement, but it’s not the only way that new LMSs help increase the effectiveness of training programs. They also help us understand the very process of employee learning.
“The best systems allow L&D departments to take advantage of modern research on how people learn in order to create the most effective lessons,” says Schroeder. “Embedded multimedia, quizzes, and discussion platforms keep the learner interested and encourage them to retain the materials more completely.”
​Training, like so many aspects of the workplace, can benefit greatly from improvements in technology. Tools like advanced LMSs can help organizations train employees more quickly and effectively and for less money than ever before. That creates benefits for companies, consumers, and the employees themselves.
Learning experience platforms (LXPs) also are gaining popularity in the corporate learning space. Learn more about them and LMS at our Workforce L&D 2019 conference.

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