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Microlearning Trends for 2019

Microlearning has been on e-Learning and learning and development (L&D) trends lists consistently for the past few years—and for good reason. According to research:


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  • Eight out of 10 L&D professionals favor microlearning because their learners prefer it.
  • Microlearning makes the transfer of learning 17% more efficient.
  • Microlearning creates 50% more engagement.
  • Microlearning courses can be produced in 300% less time and for 50% less cost than traditional courses.

And you can expect to see L&D professionals do even more with microlearning and microlearning technology this year, as detailed below.

Microlearning Will Have a Much Broader Reach Across L&D

In 2019, L&D professionals and teams will begin to use microlearning for even more programs and initiatives, including change management initiatives, awareness programs, formal and informal learning programs, sales programs, onboarding programs, leadership training programs, upskilling programs, etc. Essentially, microlearning could start to be incorporated into nearly every L&D program or initiative in 2019 and beyond.

Microlearning Will Rely Heavily on AI and Data Analytics

For microlearning initiatives and programs to be effective in 2019 and beyond, they must start to rely on robust artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and data analytics. Utilizing AI and data analytics will be the only way microlearning initiatives will be able to offer highly personalized learning paths, support, and recommendations, as well as targeted and customized experiences, to individual learners in real time.

Microlearning Will Include More Videos and Interactive Content

All training materials and L&D programs should include video content in 2019, especially microlearning materials and courses, as video content accounts for nearly 80% of all Internet traffic.

Also, expect to see more microlearning courses and programs include interactive content and experiences that entail gamification, simulated or virtual reality experiences, scenario-based learning, and social learning experiences in 2019.

Microlearning Will Require More Supplemental Experiences and Content

Because microlearning experiences should be used primarily to reinforce knowledge that learners have already retained, expect to develop or curate even more supplemental experiences and content for them. Anticipate development and/or curate even more e-books, workshops, handouts, guides, infographics, etc., for your microlearning courses and programs.

Microlearning Will Spearhead More Agile L&D Approaches

As microlearning initiatives, courses, and programs permeate more aspects of L&D and organizational training, rely even more on AI technology and data analytics, and offer highly personalized L&D to individual learners, more agile L&D approaches and training will be possible and easier to implement.

Overall, expect microlearning to reach nearly every aspect of L&D in 2019. And be prepared to implement the necessary technologies, as well as develop or curate the necessary learning content, for your microlearning initiatives if you want them to be successful and competitive.

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