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Women’s Equality: A Year in Review

The HR Daily Advisor has always been dedicated to gender equity in the workplace. Promoting gender equity has never been more important than now because of the tragic number of women who have left the workplace during the pandemic. Today is Women’s Equality Day, and we wanted to present the articles, considerations, and ideas we’ve gathered over the last year to you.

Video: Verizon Supporting Women

In this two-part video series, editor Jim Davis discusses Verizon’s serious efforts to support women in the workplace. The first interview is with the Vice President of Business Sales at Verizon, Aimee Novak and can be viewed here. The second interview is with SVP of Global Talent at Verizon, Samantha Hammock and can be viewed here.

Podcast: Working Mothers in Crisis

In this episode of HR Works Podcast, host Jim Davis meets with two panelists to discuss the crisis that has faced women in the workplace over the last year and a half. The first panelist, Kara Shea is an attorney with Butler Snow in Nashville TN. The other is Michelle Keefe, CEO of Momup. You can listen to the episode here. It’s a great look at the issue from both a legal and an HR perspective.


We also have published a number of articles addressing this problem over the last year which can be seen here:

There is a lot of work to do to help address this issue and start moving back towards real gender equity in the workplace. It’s going to take all of us working very hard to make it happen.

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