Right Person, Wrong Role: New Research Finds 1 in 5 Employees are in the Wrong Role

One in five people are in the wrong role, jobs they are not motivated by, engaged with, or productive in, according to new research released by Right Management, ManpowerGroup’s global career and talent development expert.

Based on interviews with more than 4,600 people across 20 countries Right Management found companies need to invest in career mobility and help employees develop their skills and gain valuable experience in ways that suit them (online, in-person, and on-the job) to boost engagement and productivity. Adopting a high-tech, high-touch approach combining coaching with innovative technology will help match people to the right positions resulting in a 40% increase in engagement with a knock-on-effect on performance.

“Making sure you have the right people in the right roles is a proven way to boost engagement, productivity and the bottom line.” said Mara Swan, Executive Vice President, Global Strategy and Talent, ManpowerGroup and Global Brand Lead for Right Management. “Wrong for the role doesn’t have to mean wrong for the organization. The best companies to work for are implementing high-tech, high-touch, personalized career development strategies. Online training and assessments that come with always-on capability and real- time career-coaching is how they’re retaining and rewarding their brightest and best, and filling their talent pipelines for today and tomorrow.”

The Right Person report recommends seven practical steps for organizations to introduce an effective Career Development strategy that will attract, engage, and retain the brightest and best. These seven steps are highlighted in the infographic below.

To find out more about the report findings and Right Management’s RightCareer Solutions, click here.