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Oakland Police Officer Wins $2 Million for Pregnancy Bias

A federal jury in San Francisco has awarded $2 million to former Oakland police officer Janeith Glenn-Davis, who claimed she was passed over for promotion because she was pregnant. The damages included $150,000 in lost earnings plus $1.85 million for emotional distress and other damages.

Health Insurance: New Health Savings Accounts–What They Are And How They May Impact Benefits Plan Choices

When the sweeping new Medicare law was recently signed into law, bundled within it was an unrelated but key provision for employers—the creation of tax-free Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). We’ll explain what HSAs are, who’s eligible, and what they could mean for you and your employees. We’ll also highlight a few potential downsides you should […]

Employer rules for temporary foreign workers in Canada

by Stéphane Aublet A work permit is generally issued based on a specific job offer made by a particular Canadian employer (or an employer doing business in Canada). As such, the employer commits itself to providing the foreign worker with wages, working conditions, and employment that are similar to the terms set out in the […]

Avoid Common Electronic Recordkeeping Missteps

In yesterday’s CED, we covered issues surrounding electronic recordkeeping. Today, more principles — plus a valuable recordkeeping desk reference, specifically for California employers. Electronic recordkeeping is wonderful in many ways but the pitfalls are varied and deep, as we saw in yesterday’s issue. To skirt those danger zones, here are more of the principles of […]

Boosting retention as turnover threat looms

2014 dawned with reports that employee turnover would reach critical mass during this year.’s annual “January Job Hunters” survey claimed that employees were in many ways more satisfied with their jobs than in years past, but a whopping 83 percent of the people surveyed said they planned to look for a new job during […]

Ringing in 2014: It’s time to take a look at your policies and employee handbook

by Jeanine Poole The turn of the year is often a good time to review company policies. We’re weighing in with some favorite perennial professional resolutions and perhaps a few new suggestions that might make for a happy 2014.  What’s in a policy? In the employment world, issues involving e-mail, the Internet, and social media […]

Short-termism Always a Challenge for HR, says Al Gore

In yesterday’s Advisor, we got Steve Forbes’ and Al Gore’s take on critical HR issues. Today, Gore on short-term thinking and compensation, and an introduction to the “Compensation Bible.” Challenge #4: Organization Development [Go here for Challenges 1 to 3.] Gore worked on the “reinventing government” program at the country’s largest employer, the United States […]

Common Managers’ Goofs That Can Sink Your Business

Pass any courthouse and those thuds you hear are companies landing in front of juries because of HR errors by their managers. Here’s a list of some of the most common miscues. “Loose lips sink ships.” That was a popular World War II slogan. It was used to caution war workers against carelessly revealing what […]