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What To Do When Bosses Are Bullies

What should employers do when workplace bullying and bad behavior are coming down the corporate ladder from bosses? Here are some ways to see if your frontline managers and supervisors are creating a bad work environment. Audio Conference: Busting Workplace Bullies: Reduce the Legal Risks of Abusive Behavior Flight from bad bosses The direct effect […]

Collective Bargaining – Now It’s Constitutionally Protected

by Donovan Plomp McCarthy Tetrault In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court of Canada has decided collective bargaining is a right protected in the national constitution. The court’s extension of “freedom of association” under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to include a right to collective bargaining is a reversal of previous Supreme Court decisions.

Union Card Checks and Neutrality Agreements

by Robert Vercruysse and Gary Fealk Labor unions may be on the decline, but they’re once again ramping up organizing efforts, especially in stronghold states. More and more unions are seeking to avoid the traditional National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) election process and are requesting employers to enter into card-check and neutrality agreements. HR Guide […]

Effects of Baby Boomers Leaving the Workplace

While demographics may not be destiny, current trends point to a significant worker shortage in the next decade. This article discusses some of the possible results of these trends and potential employer responses. Learn more about the multigenerational workplace with Diversity Insight Where have all the workers gone? The generation of the Beatles, bell-bottoms, and, […]

Workplace Dress Code Policies: What Issues Must They Address?

There’s nothing casual about drafting a dress code policy. An August 22 BLR audio conference will tell you how to create one that’s both legal and workable. More than a decade ago, business began to implement the dress code policy of “Casual Friday.” Employers back then felt that loosening the rigid standards of past years […]

Enforcement: California Has a New Labor Commissioner

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has appointed a new labor commissioner, Angela Bradstreet, who previously served as the managing partner for San Francisco-based corporate law firm Carroll, Burdick & McDonough. As the new labor commissioner, Bradstreet will head up the Department of Industrial Relations, within the Labor and Workforce Development Agency.

Are You Flunking Performance Evaluations 101?

As HR professionals, you might sometimes find it’s easy to take parts of your job for granted — completing I-9 forms, signing employees up for health insurance, and overseeing annual performance evaluations. Unlike routine paperwork, however, performance evaluations are an important part of effective management and can be critical in defending against employment litigation. And […]

HR Metrics: Count on Them

To reach the top levels of business, two experts advise using HR metrics. In a June 28 BLR audio conference, they’ll tell you how. Yesterday’s Daily Advisor carried the results of a survey of top HR generalists on what skills they’d most like to see in their successors. Many must have been surprised to find […]