A Seat at the Table: Addressing and Overcoming Racially-Fueled Workplace Bullying

In the latest episode of “A Seat,” we discuss how organizations can address racially-fueled workplace bullying. A survey by Gallup last year found that workplace bullying disproportionately affects Black and Hispanic Americans. Key findings of this survey also found that:

  • Workplace discrimination causes disengagement and undermines wellbeing; and
  • Greater inclusivity starts with an awareness of these effects.

I’m joined by Zenica Chatman. She helps women rediscover their inner strength and confidence after an encounter with a workplace bully. As a trained journalist and communications strategist, Zenica uses her unique background to help people identify what’s no longer working in their lives, discover their unique strengths, and design an action plan to create a life they love.

Listen in as we discuss how workplace bullying manifests, what we can all do to stop letting managers bully employees, as well as the difference between harassment and leadership, the importance of prioritizing voices of women of color, and more.