Pages of HR: Cultivating Meaningful Partnership at Work

The pandemic has not only altered the way we work, but also the relationships we have with our coworkers. Now more than ever, both leaders and their teams crave deeper connection and more authentic relationships. But how can organizations accomplish this goal — particularly knowing that it will require a reset of how leaders and teams interact? Leaders and team members must embrace a new mindset. They need to acknowledge that the leader-team relationship is more than a one-way service-oriented arrangement. Both sides need support equally if the relationship and what they do together is to be successful.

Tim Franz and Seth Silver

In our fifth episode of Pages of HR, we are joined by Seth R. Silver, Ed.D., principal of Silver Consulting, Inc., and Timothy M. Franz, Ph.D., an Organizational Psychologist, Professor of Psychology, and Chair at St. John Fisher College. Their new book is Meaningful Partnership at Work: How the Workplace Covenant Ensures Mutual Accountability and Success between Leaders and Teams.

Listen in as we discuss how to create a new paradigm of partnership through the development of a workplace covenant. Ultimately, this process enables essential dialogue and engagement, which in turn helps create and continuously improve empathy, respect, trust, alignment, and — ultimately — partnership.

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