HR Works: Giving Mentoring the Modern Treatment


We know that employers spend a lot of time and energy on the entire employee lifecycle: from sourcing to onboarding straight through retention, engagement, and, of course, exit interviews.

Part of making sure that your workforce is not only successful but is also engaged surrounds mentoring. You could have the best product, the most modern workspace, and have hired the best talent: but if you aren’t mentoring your employees, your organization could still perform poorly or even fail.

Fortunately, we are joined today by an expert in the field of mentoring, Randy Emelo. Randy is the Principal Consultant at CoreConnections LLC, a Denver-based company that designs leadership development and organizational improvement solutions.

Randy has more than 25 years of experience in management, training, and leadership development, and is a prolific author, speaker, and thought leader on topics related to collaboration, mentoring, innovation, and leadership development.