HR Works Podcast: All Aboard! How HR Is Keeping Culture On-Track in Times of Change

Guest: Jesse Meschuk, Senior Advisor at Exequity

What role should HR teams play in those (sometimes challenging and uncomfortable) moments immediately following a major company announcement or change impacting the workforce? Is there an opportunity to get involved and begin offering employees support immediately, or is it best to let the dust settle before stepping in?

Change is never easy and it’s safe to say that in 2023, many workforces and employees have encountered their fair share of change. From companywide layoffs to organizational restructuring to announced RTO mandates, the morale of many workforces have been put to the test. In this latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, Jesse Meschuk, Senior Advisor at Exequity, makes his return to the HR Works Podcast and joins us for a conversation about the impact that major company announcements can have on a workforce and the role HR leaders can play in preserving their ever-important company culture in those moments of change. Tune in as we discuss some of the practical ways that organizations and their people teams can help recover and reinspire a workforce, turning around morale and getting employees back onboard for future success.

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