HR Works Podcast: Can HR Leaders Embrace Quiet Quitting?

Guest: Dr. Kyle Elliott, Career coach and the founder of

The concept of Quiet Quitting has been buzzing through the working world in this summer of 2022.  There is no doubt in the marketability of its catchy name, but what does it actually mean to quietly quit in the workplace? While it may carry a negative connotation for some, is it actually a bad thing for the workforce? And more importantly, is there a way for organizations and HR leaders to embrace Quiet Quitting and turn it into a positive outcome for their employees?

In the latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, we dive into the concept of Quiet Quitting with Dr. Kyle Elliott, an accomplished career coach and founder of  Listen as we take a closer look at the reasons behind employees embracing this concept of Quiet Quitting and how it connects into the larger battle against burnout.

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