HR Works Podcast: Can Predictive Intelligence Unlock the Talent Market?

Guest: Thomas Leeper, Vice President of Client Solutions at Sevenstep

What are successful talent acquisition and hiring teams doing differently to address the latest challenges of the labor market? Could predictive workforce intelligence tools and talent analytics be the difference makers for the organizations looking to attract top-talent in the marketplace?

In this latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, Thomas Leeper, Vice President of Client Solutions at Sevenstep, joins to helps us take a closer look at how are hiring teams and organizations taking advantage of an evolving access to analytics and deeper understanding of the talent market. Listen as Thomas shares findings from a recent Sevenstep report, Predictive Workforce Intelligence Comes of Age, explaining what the latest workforce analytics are telling us about the future of the talent market, and which data sets and trends hiring teams need to be paying closer attention to going into 2024.

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