HR Works Podcast: Is Your Approach to Employee Feedback Outdated?

Guest: Jason Walker, Fractional CHRO and Founder of Thrive HR Consulting

How do HR teams and their organizations benefits from building a culture of real-time feedback and regular performance conversations? Does the annual employee performance review process still work in 2024?

We’re back for a new year and are jumping right into a brand-new season of the HR Works Podcast! In this latest episode, Jason Walker, Thrive HR Consulting‘s Fractional CHRO and Founder, joins for a conversation about the latest trends in employee feedback and how the access real-time information is changing the employee experience. Listen as Jason explains how embracing a culture of constant feedback and actionable data can unlock talent development and a more effective, engaged workforce in 2024. And don’t miss as Jason shares the thing that surprised him most from the HR community in 2023, and offers some workforce predictions for the new year.

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