HR Works Podcast: Can Equity Still Compete in the Compensation ‘Arms Race’?

Guest: Jesse Meschuk, Senior Advisor at Exequity

How have employee expectations around total rewards changed going into 2024? What non-cash benefits should hiring teams be considering to keep up in the compensation ‘arms race’ when competing for talent? While equity incentive awards once served as a unique way to provide employees value, are they still a viable option in the current economy?

If you are been a regular listener of the HR Works Podcast, then you are certainly familiar with Jesse Meschuk (Senior Advisor with Exequity) and the great insight that he’s been providing throughout his 20+ year career as a member of the HR community. Certainly qualifying for “friend of the podcast” status at this point, Jesse makes his triumphant return to help us prepare for this new year in HR and shares some of the workforce trends that he sees on the horizon for 2024.

Listen as we dive into his recent HR Daily Advisor article, and Jesse offers a closer look at how the current economy is changing the viability of certain non-cash compensation strategies, such as equity incentive awards, for organizations aiming to compete in the compensation ‘arms race’.

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