HR Works Podcast: Retention Over Acquisition: Why (Re)Recruiting Top-Talent Matters in 2024

Guest: Vicki Salemi, Career Expert at Monster

According to Monster’s recently released 2024 Work Watch Report, 95% of workers are looking or planning to look for a new jobs in 2024. What is causing so many employees to have this ‘wandering eye’ in the new year and consider these new career opportunities? Are they the same factors that we saw driving the Great Resignation back in 2021 or are we looking at something entirely different? And most importantly, what can organizations and their HR teams do to ‘re-recruit’ their existing talent and make them want to stay in 2024?

Monster’s very own career expert, Vicki Salemi, returns to the HR Works Podcast to help us take a closer look at what the 2024 Work Watch Report is telling us about talent in the modern workforce and explains why a reported 57% of recruiters will be shifting their focus to retention strategies over acquisition in the coming year. Listen as we discuss some key areas of the employee experience that matter right now for prospective talent and existing employees, and Vicki offers some effective strategies for HR teams to consider when re-recruiting and reengaging their existing workforce.

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