HR Works Podcast: The Time is NOW for Shifting the Mindset on Talent Intelligence

Guest: Jason Cerrato, Vice President of Market Strategy at Eightfold

Why should talent intelligence be a top priority for HR leaders as they build out their tech stack for 2024? What advantages can HR teams gain from utilizing talent intelligence in their people operations functions and how do those advantages translate up at the C-suite?

Organizations have access to more data than ever before! So, how can HR teams and their organizations use that information to make more informed strategic decisions regarding one of their most prized resources…their talent? In this latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, Eightfold‘s VP of Market Strategy, Jason Cerrato, joins to help us take on these question and take a closer look at the emergence of talent intelligence as an essential tool in winning the talent battle. Listen as Jason shares key metrics that HR teams should be paying attention to when using talent intelligence and how to build a case for buy-in from key decision makers can start with shifting to a mindset of using data and analytics as solutions.

For more information on how talent intelligence is driving the transformation of HR teams and their organizations, be sure to check out Eightfold’s recent report here, and keep the talent intelligence conversation going by giving a listen to Jason’s podcast, The New Talent Code.

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