HR Works Podcast: Show Me The Money! The Rising Trend of Pay Transparency

Guest: Lauren Winans, CEO and Principal HR consultant of Next Level Benefits

How has the growth and embrace of pay transparency impacted the hiring process in 2024? Does pay transparency offer more to organizations than just checking-box for compliance, and what are the common concerns that accompany pay transparency for HR teams?

In this latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, Next Level Benefits’ Lauren Winans returns for a conversation about the impact pay transparency is having across HR and hiring teams, and its emergence as a compliance trend within the modern workforce. Listen as Lauren discusses the benefits employers can draw from embracing a proactive and productive pay transparency process and conversely, how it can ‘go off the rails’ when not treated with intentionality and proper communication across an organization’s prospective and existing workforce.

Don’t miss as Lauren also offers some initial steps HR leaders should take to ensure a smooth, productive process when introducing pay transparency into a hiring workflow.

This podcast is presented as part of the HR Daily Advisor’s HR Compliance Week 2024, where Lauren was also a featured guest in our Monday panel discussion, Future-Proofed HR: Adapting HR Compliance to the Modern Workforce. Don’t miss your chance to check out the entire lineup of programming dedicated to HR compliance trends and best practices by clicking here.

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