HR Works: Supporting Single Mothers of Color

While the pandemic has influenced every worker in the United States, it has not done so evenly. Already there are serious differences between essential workers who stay on the front lines and those who were lucky enough to work from home. In short, the country is in total chaos. Some states are closing down for the first time, some are opening back up, others are ignoring their very serious coronavirus issues.

Perhaps most disturbingly, many organizations and political figures have been moving towards an “economy matters more than lives” attitude that will put serious burdens on the most vulnerable. According to experts I’ve spoken with and research I’ve read, among the most vulnerable are women of color, particularly single mothers of color.

On top of all of the coronavirus-related concerns have also been the rising racial tensions in this country that add another whole layer of uncertainty and unrest to this already unsustainable situation.

Here to help us understand the situation, and how HR can help, is Asha Tarry. She is an author, award-winning community mental health advocate, psychotherapist, and certified life coach.

Tarry is also the founder of Behavioral Health Consulting Services LMSW, PLLC, which provides consulting, counseling, and coaching to creatives and small business owners in the wellness and entertainment industries and educational sector. As a mindfulness practitioner, she has consulted with initiatives on maternal health, global workplace retention, and been a writer and speaker for several outlets focused on mental health.