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HR Works: How To Use Design Thinking for Creative Problem Solving

In episode 50 of HR Works: The Podcast for HR Professionals, John K. Coyle, founder and CEO of The Art of Really Living, joins us to discuss “design thinking”—an approach to innovation and problem solving that could be useful to HR managers. John won an Olympic silver medal in speed skating—an achievement he attributes directly […]

HR Works: Why You Should Consider Gamification for Talent Development

Gamification—it seems everyone wants to use it, and, for sure, gamification can be a way that companies use learning software not only to educate employees, but also to increase productivity.  Gamification also encourages and fulfills employees’ desire for social interaction, competition, and collaboration.  But as our guest today explains, proper design is crucial to how […]


HR Works: The State of HR Tech—How and Where Is It Helping?

We hear a lot about how technology solutions will or can make HR’s job easier—and most of us, but perhaps not all—have implemented tech into facets of one or more of our major roles:  applicant tracking, development of our ‘talent pools’ (and recruiting passive candidates), onboarding and pre-boarding, performance management, succession planning, training and more.  […]


HR Works: High-Profile Sexual Assault Claims Put Spotlight on Workplace Harassment

There’s no shortage of reminders these days that harassment is still a major issue for employers. And it’s particularly challenging—as we’ve seen all too often lately in the news—when an executive is a harasser or when a company culture implicitly condones or perpetuates sexual harassment or a hostile work environment. With increased attention on the […]


HR Works: How to Retain High-Performing Employees in the ‘Wrong Seat’

Every HR manager faces this situation—the organization has a great employee, one the organization wants to keep, but the person is in the wrong job. For whatever reason, it’s just not a good fit; or maybe it’s just time for the person to move up—or over—to another position. On Episode 46 of HR Works: The […]

HR Works: How to Communicate and Influence Others at Work

The ability to influence others is perhaps the most important ingredient of leadership. In episode 45 of our award-winning podcast, HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources,  Stacey Hanke—a trainer, coach and mentor to C-suite executives—poses that most leaders are not as influential as they think they are, and not as influential as they could […]


HR Works: Concierge Program Helps Working Mothers Stay on Career Path

We hear a lot of talk expressing concern about the under-representation of women in corporate boardrooms.  And we know that one substantial factor that can slow down the professional advancement of women is starting a family. But what can actually be done to minimize the disruption of women’s career paths, particularly for working mothers?    In […]

HR Works: Keurig Brews Employee Engagement Via Volunteerism & Source Trips

Employee engagement—everyone agrees it’s important for productivity and retention, but not everyone is able to describe it or measure it. To help us boost engagement at our organizations, representatives from Keurig Green Mountain join us for Episode 43 of HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources. The company is known a great place to work […]

HR Works: Expand Your Onboarding Beyond the ‘New Hire’ Experience

Does your onboarding process mainly consist of new hire paperwork and introductions to staff and management?  Mimi Jerkan and Marina Vasich of SilkRoad, a global leader in talent activation, say that onboarding should involve much more than the new hire experience, and should encompass the entire employee journey. They call it ‘strategic onboarding’ and they’re […]

HR Works: How To Build Championship Mindsets in Your Organization

We often look to sport teams for examples of engagement and passion and motivation, and we use sports metaphors for several workplace situations. In keeping with the start of the NFL season this week, a few of the many football metaphors used in business include “kicking off” a new project or product planning process, “Monday […]