HR Works: Is Your Engagement Problem Really a Hiring Problem?

Engagement and retention. We’ve covered these twin topics many times, generally agreeing that if you have an engagement problem, you’ll have retention problems—as well as productivity issues, morale issues, and so on.

Best-selling author and consultant Bob Kelleher has a different perspective: He says in most companies with which he has consulted, it’s not an engagement problem—it’s a hiring problem.

In this episode of HR Works:  The Podcast for Human Resources, Bob walks us through how a company goes about figuring out the types of people that succeed in their cultures as well as the behaviors and traits that matter in the organization–and how to determine whether a candidate has those characteristics.

Note:  This episode was recorded live at BLR’s RecruitCon conference in Nashville, where Bob was a keynote presenter. RecruitCon 2019 will take place in Austin, TX next May.  Learn more at