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HR Works: A Recruiting Plan That Doesn’t Require LinkedIn or Job Boards

When HR professionals and hiring managers need to fill a slot, what do they do? They go to LinkedIn and job boards. According to the guest of this episode, such an approach may not be going far enough. In fact, they might be a big waste of time. This episode features Michael “Batman” Cohen. He […]

HR Works: Applying Paramedic Concepts to HR

Rare is the HR professional that was formerly a firefighter paramedic and hazardous materials engineer. One such individual found that much of what he learned in his former careers gave him the tools he needed to meet the many challenges that he faced as an HR professional. Taylor Bradley is the Director, HRBP of Global […]


HR Works: The Résumé Black Hole

In this episode of HR Works we tackle the so-called résumé black hole: the place where job applicants’ resumes vanish to without hiring managers ever seeing them. What is this mysterious place? Why does it exist? And most importantly: is it really doing anyone any good? We have two experts with us to speak about […]


HR Works: Fighting Harassment Means Having Uncomfortable Conversations

If you want to combat sexual harassment in a meaningful way, you have to get comfortable having uncomfortable conversations. In fact, a major reason sexual harassment in the workplace still takes place has to do with the culture of silence that surrounds it. Additionally, if your employees are not trained to handle situations as they […]

HR Works: Overcoming Training Roadblocks

What are your training roadblocks? Perhaps you don’t have the time or resources to roll out the training you need. Maybe you can’t get buy-in from leadership. It could be that your training never sticks, so why bother? In this episode of HR Works Podcast, our guest believes that such roadblocks are far from insurmountable. […]

HR Works: Coronavirus Compliance and Safety Concerns in the Workplace

In this special episode we address the so-called coronavirus. With cases numbering in the tens of thousands across dozens of countries, and hundreds of deaths, this poorly understood disease has created no small amount of chaos and fear. Some of those fears are justified and some not. The U.S. currently has around one dozen confirmed […]

HR Works: How to Make Personality Based Training Soar

Tackling training can be quite challenging. Other than getting training sticky and making sure it reaches the right people, another major concern concerns how training for one employee might not work so well. In this episode we to discuss an approach to training that takes those differences into account. And, we talk about birds. Merrick […]

HR Works: Don’t Make These Common Workplace Investigations Mistakes

Workplace investigations are very serious, usually resulting from unfortunate or unpleasant events. Furthermore, the entire process can easily end up under the scrutiny of a number of legal professionals including employment lawyers and judges. It is very important that HR professionals get their investigations right. This episode’s guest specializes in workplace investigations and is here […]


HR Works: How Liberty Mutual Approaches Inclusion

Whatever your aims, be they improving retention and engagement, upskilling your employees, encouraging innovation, or improving inclusion; training your employees is a critical tool. Everyone wants to know: how do we make sure that training is effective, that it lasts, and that employees engage the training process? This episode’s guest has been part of a […]

HR Works: Getting Managers Up to Speed on the ADA & the FMLA with Annual Training

With limited resources and time, it can be challenging for employers to initiate annual Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) training programs for their managers and supervisors. However, the Department of Labor routinely reports that supervisor training is a top area of non-compliance for employers. If organizations don’t properly […]