NEW REPORT: Digital Transformation Trends for the Future of Frontline Work

With so many tools, processes, and communication channels, it’s no surprise that companies are seeking out a digital workplace in order to centralize communication. With the effects of the pandemic bringing to light a host of gaps in communication and efficiency, the time for digital transformation is NOW.

Here’s a snapshot of an organization before digitally enabling their frontline workforce:

  • The average frontline worker spends on average 3 hours per week looking for information.
  • Frontline managers spend 60% of their time just maintaining alignment and coordinating between the head office and the front line when they could be coaching staff and improving processes.
  • Less than 20% of employees are reachable  within 5 minutes.
  • Phone trees, posters, bulletin boards and  in-person training are primary  employee touchpoints.

THE SOLUTION? Mobile-first communication platforms ― like Beekeeper’s.

  • Frontline managers are now able to focus on managing their teams instead of printing and posting new information multiple times a day.
  • Handovers happen digitally, so staff are ready to start shifts faster, and issues are communicated in real-time to decrease resolution time.
  • Onboarding time is reduced through automated workflows and digital introductions
  • Employee recognition scales beyond single locations to connect the whole organization.