PeopleFactors Launches HR Pre-Hire Assessment Solution to Improve Hiring of Leaders and Strengthen Management Teams — Improves retention and eliminates bias in hiring —

BOSTON, Oct. 28, 2020 — PeopleFactors today announced the launch of a new HR pre-hire assessment and screening solution designed with a unique approach to accurately predict and identify candidates with leadership potential. The new HR solution uses multi-dimensional assessments and AI-based algorithms to create recommendations and reports on candidates with objective data, to help companies hire better leaders while also improving retention and eliminating bias in the hiring process.

PeopleFactors’ pre-hire assessment solution uses a wide domain of characteristics to measure leadership potential, helping HR teams improve candidate screening and selection based on objective data.  The assessment software helps companies screen candidates and then select from among the leading candidates, by providing an array of tools that provide a roadmap of the candidate’s soft skills and capabilities.  Its multiple assessment reports provide insights on each candidate, including reports on their personality, cognitive ability, critical reasoning, management style and motivations, along with interview guides and development roadmaps.

“Leadership is critical, from the C-Suite to front-line managers. The way most companies approach hiring today relies on subjective means of assessing cultural fit and leadership soft skills, with hiring practices that result in high turnover, poor team performance and low employee engagement,” said Charlie Atkinson, CEO and Founder of PeopleFactors. “Our solution delivers multi-dimensional pre-hire assessments to better screen and select candidates that will be successful leaders at all levels of your organization, including accurately predicting what your successful hires will look like and helping you find and hire those candidates.”

He added, “Unlike other assessment solutions that focus only on personality, PeopleFactors provides much broader evaluations that also look at cognitive ability, styles, motivations and more in an integrated way.”

Eliminates Bias in Hiring

PeopleFactors was founded with a mission to deliver an international hiring solution that overcomes the unconscious bias and helps organizations to widen their talent pools and become more diverse organizations. Thirty five years of research into global leadership has resulted in assessments that are applicable to leaders around the world and do not discriminate based on gender, ethnicity or culture. The PeopleFactor’s assessments have been reviewed by the American Psychological Association and the British Psychological Society and validated with thousands of leaders from more than 40 countries, with specific algorithms for leadership levels from supervisor to executive-level managers.

Delivers Hiring Success for its Customers

PeopleFactors has customers worldwide including Capgemini, Starbucks, Imperial Brands and Asahi, helping them hire leaders at all levels of their organization.

“PeopleFactors is central to our leadership hiring process in EMEA,” said Euan James, Senior Manager Talent Acquisition, Starbucks. “Its objective, science-based assessments help us hire better leaders across our support centre organization. No other approach comes close to accurately identifying people that are the right leadership fit for Starbucks, and providing our HR team with the tools it needs to be successful.”

PeopleFactors Product Offerings: Screening and Selection

The PeopleFactors online management assessment platform supports screening and selection, with different pre-hire assessments available, depending on the needs of clients.

*Screening assessments: Tailored to cover a wide range of different scenarios, and allows organizations to gain insights exceeding what they could learn in 10 hours of interviews.

*Selection assessments: Provide a comprehensive evaluation of a candidate, including Fit for Level, Future Potential, Development Needs, Interpersonal skill, General Reasoning, etc.

In addition to the screening and assessment modules, PeopleFactors includes interview guides and post-hire development recommendations.  The interview guides are based on assessment findings, and include specific probes, questions and means of understanding the interview responses.  For post-hire, PeopleFactors offers development recommendations for the hiring manager to integrate into the onboarding process.

PeopleFactors assessments are available on a pay-as-you-go basis, or by annual subscription with unlimited assessment usage. Subscriptions provide access to an administration and analytics platform as well as a full suite of API’s to support integration with third party ATS, LMS and other HR systems.

About PeopleFactors

PeopleFactors was founded by recruiting HR consultant Charlie Atkinson, who has more than 20 years of experience in HR consultancy and building HR systems and technology to help businesses identify and develop their people talent. The company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of hfi, has conducted tens of thousands of assessments across hundreds of clients, and its team has unmatched scientific and business expertise.  Headquartered in Boston, PeopleFactors has customers worldwide including Capgemini Starbucks, Imperial Brands and Asahi. Learn more about PeopleFactors at